Personal Statement On Classroom Management

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Philosophy Statement in Classroom Management

I believe classroom management is extremely significant for teachers and effective teachers know how to manage the classroom while helping students to behave appropriately. In order to be an effective ESL teacher, I will use demonstrating expectations, creating a safe learning environment, building a positive relationship, redirecting inappropriate behavior, and motivating in managing my future classroom.
First, I believe teachers’ clear and direct demonstration is the essential factors in classroom management. Whenever setting classroom rules and procedures, teachers have to show students what those are and how they are expected to behave so that students can follow them without any problems. …show more content…

I know that, in Korea’s education system, it is hard for students to ask questions or express their opinions to teachers since teachers think that the learners challenge their authority and neglect them as teachers. However, I believe that expressing does not mean rudeness or not respecting their teachers, rather it is a natural process for the learners to process a new knowledge. Thus, I will create a safe environment where all the students can have an inquiry and can ask to their peers or to me without any hesitation. When learners ask questions, I will clarify their questions from my knowledge, and if I do not know or not sure about the question, I would search or study from the outside sources to solve their questions. Also, when they make mistakes, I would not point out their errors in front of the class, rather I will indirectly correct their errors by asking paraphrased questions again or having other students who might know the right answer. In this way, I would be able to increase students’ responses and while responding to me, they would be more engaged in the lecture and learning will happen in the classroom. In order to make a safe learning environment, I would always emphasize that making mistakes is totally okay, natural in learning a second language, and finally, errors are going to help increase their language accuracy. While putting my efforts in making safe environment, I will

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