Personal Statement On Creative And Free Flowing

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Deciding to take the leap at almost 30 years old, to go to college was a big one. I was very anxious as I started to register for class, writing is not my strong suit. I always viewed writing as creative and free flowing, which I have much difficulty with, structure and routine is more my speed. I did not believe I would do as well as I did in English 101, and actually enjoying it. I did have some difficulties at times, but I did not give up, I exhausted all available resources and did my best. I actually excel in public speaking, I am able to command my audience and keep them captivated until the very end. I do large presentations on a daily basis for work, my passion for my job shows through my presentations. I have never been good at putting in words on paper my thoughts, I tend to over think and the perfectionist in me is constantly looking for changes or tweaks that can be made. I also rely on facts and statistics and can use them to make compelling arguments, creativity tends to lack in train of thought. Although I was a bit overwhelmed before I began this course, I was looking forward to the possibility of unleashing any creativity bottled up deep inside me.

Learning that writing, although creative, is actual very structured really helped me become a better writer. I was able to understand article betters, and better understand what I was writing about. My essay themes for this semester was “Gender” and the “American Dream”. These topics held very close places in my

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