Personal Statement On Identity And Personality

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Identity is very significant in one’s life. Every person in this life goes through a phase of self-assessment that involves trying to identify the different elements that compose one’s identity and personality, which can be perceived as an ultimate personal quest to answer the question “who am I?” Many cultures have rituals that provide the foundation for self-development of the individual and provide a pathway that guides the individual to the answers he or she is looking for. Since my birth, I belong to certain Community or Social Groups which can influence my identity and personality. The first was my nationality and family. I have been born in India and I belong to Hindu Culture and Religion group. I had been given my name “Harshit” by my aunt which means “One who gives happiness or Joyful or Happy”. I represent my Identity by showing my group which I belong to and how the group affects my personality. When I came to the United States for my further undergraduate studies, I joined classes, sports clubs and university clubs. These activities were part of my college curriculum. Overall, now I belong to multiple Social Groups such as my family, my classes, Hindu culture and religion, universities clubs, community groups and sports club. Within these groups, I have acquired good knowledge and have completely changed my conduct, how to get involved in social life and how to communicate effectively and fluently in English.
The First and most significant group in my life is my
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