Personal Statement On Self Management

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1/ First score Second Score 48 53 1. Accepting personal responsibility 64 70 2. Discovering self-motivation 40 52 3. Mastering self-management 50 58 4. Employing self-management 52 52 5. Gaining self-awareness 61 63 6. Adopting lifelong learning 60 60 7. Developing emotional intelligence 68 68 8. Believing in myself 2/ After doing the self-assessment chart again, I have realized that I have had a significant change since the beginning of this course, especially in self-management and self-motivation areas. I believe when I wrote down my personal affirmation, and then kept repeating it over and over; it has already aimed my thoughts to the positive way. Moreover, I also strengthened my personal qualities needed to achieve my goals and dreams such as confidence and self-discipline. As a result of that, my new thought is created along with changed my outcomes as well as experiences for the better way. For example, by telling myself I’m a confident person, now I usually raise my hand whenever I know the answer as well as try my best to contribute more in class. Even more, I also meet my professor after class to discuss more the lecture in order to help me deeply understand it. Another ability that I help me a lot during this class is self-management. This also became one of my motivation factors in studying college and after graduate. I have learned how I can get all my tasks
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