Personal Statement : Personal Development

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Personal Development refers to accomplishments that improve self-knowledge and foster talents and potential, form employability, boost quality of life and contribute to the fulfillment of desires and dreams. Personal development is not limited to self-development but also embraces actions for developing others. As personal development takes place in the context of societies, it refers to the tools, techniques, and assessment methods that support human development at the individual level in organizations. Reflective leadership is a way of approaching the work of being a leader by leading one 's life with presence and personal mastery. Without self-awareness, I cannot understand my strengths and weakness. Sometimes, leaders greatest strengths may become their greatest liabilities. Their personal characteristics and behavior forms may adversely influence how others perceive them. Reflective Leaders are sometimes considered reserved or even indifferent which results in feeling undervalued, misunderstood, ignored, and not acknowledged for their contributions.

To maximize my most valuable asset and to be a more impactful leader in my future career, I need to make a positive impact and be a role model for others through understanding of my core values and blind spots of my personality or what I call them my strength and weaknesses. Knowing my personal strengths can also aid a lot in picking the right career or making good decisions in my future career. The simple fact is that if I

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