Personal Statement : Physical Design Engineering

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While growing up, many adults would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I did not know how to respond to them back then and I still do not know but now I know some qualities I would prefer in a career. I desire a career I truly enjoy, not one based off of pay. Having a career where I follow instructions will be ideal. Despite following instructions, others must acknowledge and consider my ideas. However, the most important aspect of a career to me is to improve the quality of life of the community. It is vital to start exploring careers now to make a good lifelong decision. A career that both intrigues me and has qualities I desire is physical design engineering. A physical design engineer is responsible for building a portion of a computer chip. The engineer’s job revolves around placing and routing components of a chip. During the placement portion of the building of a chip, the engineering team must figure out the most effective way to place the components of a chip and properly route the wires into the proper locations. After an engineer properly routes the wires, a physical design engineer transforms the design into a blueprint. Blueprints are essential to the development of a chip. Without blueprints, the cost of producing a finalized chip would be much higher. A physical design engineer is must interact with other engineering teams to propose designs and solve problems. Interacting with other engineering teams will speed up the process of making a
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