Data Collection And Privacy Policies

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Data collection generally can provide and opportunity for abuse, misuse and identity theft in some cases (there have been several reported cases of major data breached from companies like Target and Apple). Privacy and security are one of the biggest issues, my client will be justifiably concerned not only about what my company will do with the data we will collect, but also how it will be protected from third parties. Transparency about the use and protection of consumers’ data will reinforce trust by my client for my company. There is also a need to give my clients and their employees full control over what part of their data can be collected and used for product enhancements. There is also the fact that my client may not fully grasp the …show more content…

The customers will be provided with the appropriate value in exchange for collected data, they will be educated about how it is collected, and allowed to have control over what information we can or cannot received. Our data collection practices and privacy policies will also be spelt out upfront, we expect that the tradeoffs will be transparent to the customer who stands to gain significantly when we use the information provided from the data collected to enhance their companies efficiency and effectiveness. Since customer data will continue to be a strong competive advantage for my company, gaining my clients confidence will be key. Transparency about the information we gather from our customer and their employees is critical. We must also give them full control over their data, and offer fair value in return to earn contineous access. We understand how much data is worth to our consumers, we offer commensurate value in return for it. We will make the exchange transparent to build trust and encourage data sharing. We will ensure we focus on safeguarding privacy, educating users, and giving them control. We will also voluntarily continuously identify and adopt the most stringent data privacy policies to protect our company against legal challenges and let our customer know how highly place we consider their data to us. 2. a. The ROI analysis was unreliable because the average ROI % was greater

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