Personal Statement : Professional Nurse

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Personal Statement
Professional Nurse is my number one career choice. In many ways, it reflects my second, third and fourth career choices like Nursing Practitioner, Nutritionist and Health Educator. Educators teach and lead people toward success. Accountants keep and maintain a systematic and chronological record of financial transactions. And professional golfer commits themselves to extensive study and practice to master the skills of their profession. As a Professional Nurse, I see myself incorporating all three. I want to master the skills of medical diagnosis, work to keep and maintain a systematic and chronological record of medical and patient information, and successfully educate my patients, so they are empowered to choose a healthy life.
My goal is to work as a nurse specifically pediatric nurse. I developed a love for nursing when I was young, and my mother was treated badly and poorly by nurses that led to her death back home in Ghana. I said to myself I will be a nurse and care for the sick and my love ones especially the needy. I developed an interest in pediatric nursing when I started working with children as a teacher. Also, I developed a love for children when I was young from my grandmother who was a traditional midwife. I used to assist my grandmother when a pregnant woman came to her for delivery. Due to financial hardship, I did not perform well to pursue Science course in Senior High School. Instead, I studied General Arts in Senior High School.

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