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Recitation Leadership Essay Planning lessons and teaching them to others is an important skill to have no matter where one works. Teamwork is also an important skill to have in life. During this recitation project, my teammates and I led the class in analyzing and reviewing material from the assigned readings and lecture notes. While at first this task seemed daunting, I believe my teammates and I rose to the occasion by correctly implementing material and working cooperatively as a team as outlined in Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith’s “The Discipline of Teams.” One strength of our lesson plan was the amount of material we provided. We wanted to have back up plans, so no time was wasted during the recitation. Our TA, Claire, even …show more content…

Nevertheless, our team spent time to ensure students understood important terms like “normal accident and high reliability organization” (Perrow 3). Every member in our team had read the readings sufficiently enough to explain to others definitions such as “systematic errors are errors that develop when small errors come together to form a major accident” (Fledderman 80). While our lesson plan could not cover all the material due to time constraints, we believe our lesson plan reminded students of the important material in unit two. I believe my recitation group was not a group but rather a team because members “shared leadership roles, had individual and mutual accountability, and created collective work-products” (Katzenbach and Smith 5). One example of shared leadership roles was communication and coordination with the TA. Multiple members in our team emailed and talked with the TA after class in order to get the supplies necessary for a successful recitation. Each member in our group also had individual and mutual accountability (Katzenbach and Smith 4). Members of the group emailed each other when they were unable to meet to draft the recitation plan or talk to the TA. We all understood what we needed to do and how to help others. We also “developed a strong commitment to a common approach” (Katzenbach and Smith 7). As engineers, we all recognized that we had busy

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