Personal Statement : The Push Group

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AJ: So, we’ve been seeing a lot of buzz on Facebook and IG about your upcoming projects. Tell us a little bit about PUSH. AS: Push is something I started many years ago, about 3 or 4 years ago. It is my desire to just push women into success, entrepreneurial success. It has a couple of meanings. One of the meanings, the acronym, stands for Partners Unified In Success through Harmony. Then I also have it meaning, push, my philosophy for my PUSH coaching, the PUSH Group. The PUSH Group is all about providing that push that many entrepreneurs need in our journey to success and overcoming the struggles, the battles the ups and downs, the triumphs, and even in our victories we still need a push. So, that’s kind of my thing that I love when it comes to my business. The acronym is also PROFIT FROM HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND PROGRAMS THAT SELL, UPLEVELING YOU TO A HIGHER VERSION OF YOURSELF, USING SYSTEMS TO REMOVE THE STRUGGLE FROM YOUR DAILY BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS WHILE HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE HUNGER THAT YOU MUST HAVE TO ACHIEVE THE SUCCESS YOU DESIRE. This is where the push comes from with my coaching. AJ: What are you most passionate about doing with your brand? AS: Wow. My whole brand is about inspiring women and girls to be great and to create the lives that they want to live; actually the lives that they love. So, I’m most passionate about inspiring people to push, inspiring them to release the chains. So that they live their best lives and mainly live a life that
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