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I view my life as a puzzle; picking up pieces through my beliefs, experiences and passions and placing them in their designated positions. It is not until I created the border and most of the middle that I can began to see what my puzzle is meant to become. My picture is starting to show that I am meant to help people, specifically through the legal capacity. Author Jen Leaman wrote, “The human race is like a puzzle: Everyone fits in somewhere, it just takes a while to figure it out”. Raised in Browns Mills, New Jersey, although as a military family we have struggled. Several bouts of experiencing homelessness have only pushed me to work hard so my family and I no longer have to struggle. These hardships I have added the borders (my …show more content…

I saw that the law affects how people view the world, but I also learned that the past is the greatest signifier of how people are viewed socially and legally. It gave me a clear perspective of the interplay between race, society, and law. Through this knowledge, I became motivated to assist people in navigating through this cycle. Although our country has problems it also awards people (me), the means to effect change through direct action and knowledge. As a result, I am driven to create change on an individual level through community service and volunteer work.
Inspired by my passion to create change, I volunteered as an AmeriCorps VISTA. I committed to a one-year community service minded immersal program in Atlantic City. This gave me the opportunity work with community programs such as Campus Kitchen and Stockton College Day of Service where I was able to be in the community developing programs that focused on decreasing and eventually preventing poverty at the grassroots level. While I matured professionally, it most affected me personally. During my tenure, I saw the pitfalls of where the law and public policy did not enable significant change. After a year as a VISTA, where I saw families struggling to feed and house themselves, I also experienced this battle myself. I decided that my

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