Personal Swot Analysis Paper

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Personal SWOT Analysis In order to be up to date with today’s competitive work environment it’s necessary for any person to be able to identify and understand his own strengths and weaknesses, in addition to that, the opportunities and the threats, which might face them in his life. Any person could have a huge advantage in the work environment by having awareness of the previous stated aspects. Therefore, this will allows any one to tread into his goals with more confidence and security. Also, by knowing those weakness and threats, which that person have or could face them in the future, this gives him better chance to brainstorm on those aspects in order to better evaluate those weakness and threats to have more chances in overcoming those …show more content…

This strength is nothing without my ability to advance and apply my education and knowledge in the real life field, which makes that a key to my personal success. Also in my opinion, one of the most important strength or good quality that I have is the ability to work and adapt with a group of people in a team work. This mainly because I find myself as an easygoing person and I feel that I can easily interacts and communicates with other people. Furthermore, I like the process of sharing information and ideas with others because this could lead those normal ideas to become brilliant ideas after I listen to the suggestions of every member in the group because I deeply respect other members’ opinions; this is called by constructive feedback. Although, others might see my strengths as a part of my social skills and as an ability to adapt in everyday life situations, yes to some extant, I agree with that point of view, but not the idea of the social skills. Because I might believe that my social abilities or skills as more of a weakness that I always try to improve, in order to make my strengths as the main tool to success and better

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