Personal Trainers Attributes

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Personal trainers meet with clients before they begin working with them to gain a better understanding of the client's goal, like losing weight or gaining muscle mass. They may also give clients a tour of the facility and show them some of the workouts they may do. At this initial meeting, the trainer may also go over the charges for the personal training services and discuss payment plans.
Personal trainers devise customized exercise plans for their clients based on their goals. These plans typically include cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises. During a training session, trainers observe their clients performing exercises to ensure they are doing the moves correctly. Trainers may also give diet and lifestyle suggestions when they are relevant to the fitness plan.
Certification in personal training by ACSM, NSCA, ACE, NASM or other nationally
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Personal trainers need to be disciplined with their own fitness and health regimen. They need to work out regularly, eat healthy foods, and commit to the fitness lifestyle. Doing so helps them lead by example and sets a standard for all of their clients. Positive Attitude. A personal trainer needs to have a positive attitude that they can share with their clients to help clients set and achieve goals and stay motivated for the long haul. Personal trainers are essentially coaches and advisors who need to provide support in a positive and healthy way.
Patience. Patience is required to understand the needs and goals of individual clients. It can take time to truly understand what a client is trying to achieve. Strong Communication Skills. Personal trainers needs to be able to articulate instructions and information and should also have the ability to motivate and inspire clients.
The median annual Personal Trainer salary is $57,744, with a range usually between
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