Personal Values Beliefs And Values

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Personal values, beliefs, and principles are necessary for individuals to know about themselves. However, when asked the question, “what are your personal values, beliefs, and principles” the first responses are often a laundry list of characteristics with the assumption that the three words are synonymous. From my experience, when asked this question the list grew longer and I started to wonder what the differences existed between each of these terms. Recognizing these differences is a major component of discovering how I make decisions when facing ethical dilemmas involving directives that may be morally unsound. Hence, I began the search of how the terms relate, their meaning and what my answer is to this question. Since I invested time to find the differences in principles, beliefs and values my long list became more defined. So, the essay will encompass the definitions of the terms, explain two elements for each category, how they relate to one another and how the knowledge influences tough decisions. Values
What are values and what makes these different from principles and beliefs? Various references agree that values are the motivations and behaviors used to determine priorities of what one sees as important in life and work (, 2017; Atkins, 2017; Value, n.d.). The definition applied my list of characteristics illustrated how I desire to represent myself and what I value most. First, I value commitment to my principles, which my faith as a Christian
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