Personality Characteristics Of Personality Traits

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In chapter one of the textbook, it describes how to define personality. There is no single definition of the word personality. That is because it is used in so many different ways, and because one word describing someone’s personality can be interpreted many different ways. For example, if you describe yourself as a “happy person”, that could mean something different to another person who also describes themselves as “happy”. Your personality is an arrangement of personality traits that describe a consistent style of emotion or behavior. Personality traits can be recognizable in various situations of a person’s life. A personality trait can be, “shy” or “outgoing” those words are describing a daily behavior that, on average, is consistent with that individual. Personality is made up from all different parts genetics, social class, family and peers. The textbook says, some psychologists view the influence of peers on personality greater than the influence of family. (Cervone & Pervin, 2013) This is why siblings from the same family have different personalities. Peer groups socialize individuals; they create a whole new set of rules for behavior. This can be seen especially in adolescence. Starting high school is hard, because everyone is trying to figure out where they fit in. When you are that age, you need a sense of belonging to feel complete. The people you find that you fit in with will likely influence the person you will become. I was one of the youngest in my

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