Personality, Personality And Personality Assessment Essay

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Throughout organizational development, personality traits are a prominent discussion. Learning what personality is dominant will help me to learn how improve or change myself personally, spiritually and professionally. When an individual learns about their personality they are able to increase their positive interaction with the world, and recognize their weakness which in turns helps to recognize their sinful nature. We all have sinful tendencies, but it is a choice to act on them or not (Fischer, 2006). Before taking the assessments I already had an idea of my areas of weakness, this test just, clarified which specific areas to improve. A test I completed previously helped to identify that I have an INTP personality (Kroeger, Thuesen and Rutledge, 2002, pg. 15). This new assessment test helps to specify areas of change both personally and professionally. Goodstein and Lanyon state: “Personality assessment serves an important role with reference to the workplace, they provide a way of giving managers a deeper understanding of the complexities of human behavior and for better describing themselves and others.” Keywords: INTP: Introvert, iNuitives, Thinker, and Perceiver God Given Traits Each person has unique traits that are given from God, it is up to us to refine these traits. These personality assessments are tested to determine what traits are used more prominently in the workplace, including the interaction with coworkers, my personal insights and values, as well as
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