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The big five project personality test results are based on research to describe the five dimensions of human personality (big five). The five-big personality test is Open-Mindedness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Negative Emotionally (OCEAN). The OCEAN five personality test describe strengths and weaknesses that align with my personality. Thus the OCEAN results are based on percentile, the higher the percentile is considered strengths and the lower percentile represents weakness. My strengths are open-mindedness, conscientiousness, and extraversion. My weakness is agreeableness and negative emotions. The findings of my OCEAN test results below conclude: Open Mindedness: (76 percentile) You are relatively open to new experiences Conscientiousness: (Your percentile 95) You are very well-organized and can be relied upon Extraversion: (Your percentile 15) You probably enjoy spending quiet time alone Agreeableness: (Your percentile 74) You need to consider the feelings of others…show more content…
Sandy, Susan K. Boardman, and Moton Deutsch the defense mechanisms are pathological or ineffective if they evoke conditions that foster anxiety and produce a defensive reaction. One can set themselves up for failure if they allow their fear to take control. Fear and anxiety typically arise when one's security, self-perception, self-worth and social identity are threatened (405). The authors continue that environmental factors may influence a person’s defense mechanism. For instance, my results from the OCEAN test come from fixed circumstances. However, the Defense mechanism can change in the order of hierarchy as each conflict is new and presents different environmental and flight or flight triggers. Regardless the results from the big test and defense mechanisms are not transcendent entirely. The big test comes from my personality characteristics. However, defense mechanisms come from high and low percentile OCEAN
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