Persuade the Audience to Walk for Improved Health

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Visualization Speech Topic: Walking to Improve Your Health General Purpose: Show how Walking can Improve Health Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to start walking to improve their mental and physical health. Introduction (Begin by referencing the occasion). To begin my speech, I want to ask you all a few questions. Just give me a show of hands if you happen to own or have ever used one of these appliances I am about to list off. First of all, an automatic dishwasher? How about a riding lawn mower? An electric pencil sharpener? What about my personal favorite, a television remote control? Now, last question, who here agrees that we live a pretty easy life with all of these time and energy saving appliances? For the most part, we all have a pretty good life having these appliances around. I say for the most part because there are other stresses in life we have to deal with, and some of you may not even have these things. However, there are multiple areas of life that are made easier today than they used to be by these creations and others. However, do these things really make life wonderful? While all, of these luxuries have been warmly welcomed in the world, they are doing something bad – turning us into passive and lazy couch potatoes. I myself, I admit, am a couch potato. However, I have been reforming my lifestyle over the last few years. Basically, I understand how easy it is to live the lifestyle of a couch potato without meaning to or even

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