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Writer’s statement This writer’s statement will be exploring the structural techniques of a persuasive argument and a review. And also discuss the purpose and context of each text as well as evaluate how both texts challenge their audiences through the use of numerous persuasive devices. The objective for both texts were to convince and engage their audiences even though they took different forms. The purpose of the persuasive text was to raise awareness on the importance of self-appreciation and the harsh realities of social media. The younger age demographic are prominent users of social media therefore, there are predisposed to materialistic and luxurious lifestyles that lead their true perceptions of reality astray. Which then enforces…show more content…
The exposition is based upon a specific belief that Influences people to alter their initial thoughts. This is evident through language features such inclusive language, figurative language, emotive language and factual evidence. An example of figurative language in the expository text is “...the influence of social media should not be exempted as a vast majority of adolescents continue to go under the knife for cosmetic purposes. This imagery increases the severity of the circumstance. This is simalalary shown in the review when the simile states that “watching this movie was like driving off of a cliff, tried to push the brakes but just crashed severely. You’d hope the movie would get better but it only got worse” this quote implies that the film was unsuccessful. The classification of PG may have effected whether or not the movie was engaging, as moral of the text was mind over power and how negative state of mind can influence a person to live oppressively. This ideology was executed fairly well in the text, but was heavily longwinded. the text still discusses the issue of the product which can be seen through the heading as it is titled “The butchering take on King Arthur and the legend of the sword”. A balance between logic and entertainment would have kept the audiences interested and increased the reliability of my firsthand experience watching the
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