Persuasive Essay About Hair Color

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Many people in America are rejected every day by employers because of their hair, tattoos, and/or piercings. “Their distracting” they say, or “unprofessional”. Are they really? How are we supposed to be creative whenever our creativity is being diminished? Hair color often represents personality, creativity, and diversity. It’s the shout that says “I’m different and I’m proud!” But these proud people are being stopped because they are a distraction. You can’t really have a serious, well paying job with pink, purple, blue hair. Most jobs that allow it are small coffee shops, theater workers and servers. These are not really well paying jobs that you can be proud of. There are some respectable jobs that do hire you with colored hair; cosmetologists, massage therapists, instructor (at an art institute), and chemists. But that may not be what you strive to have as a career. While hair color is unorthodox, it should be allowed in professional fields of business rather than force you into a degrading job. Having colored hair can bring very negative labels over your head and could possibly change your reputation. Say you have a bright red colored hair, you can be labeled as a Disney enthusiast, which isn’t that bad. But it can also label you as a gang member, the Bloods, which could get you in a lot of trouble. Most colored hair is associated with prostitutes, drug dealers, and junkies. Having multi-colored hair that is not standard is a no-no and marks you as weird or strange

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