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Something about national parks is extremely engaging to me. The National Park Service, under the U.S. Department of the Interior, created our nation’s national parks. The parks are owned by the federal government and yet were created for the people. These parks, all places of beauty, were set aside in the name of the conservation movement of the early 1900’s. National parks represent a deep part of American History and they hold very deep meaning in my own heart. I could talk about national parks and the National Park Service for hours to anyone curious enough to listen. This concept of what national parks represent and what they mean to me and to all Americans makes me lose all track of time. I’m very captivated by national parks for a …show more content…

That is why national parks captivate me so much. They help me understand and see with my own eyes how unless I do something worthwhile with my life, the world won’t care about me. Knowing this makes me want to live a life worth living. I don't mean I want to be famous someday, I simply mean that I want to live a life that I am proud of. Learning about the national sparks and the National Park Service teaches me so many things. As far as learning about history of the National Park Service, I turn to researching and reading. Reading chapters from John Muir’s novel, The Yosemite, helps me see how radical his ideas of conservation were for his time at the turn of the 19th century. Reading online journals, online encyclopedias, and works from other supporters of national parks, such as Gifford Pinchot and Theodore Roosevelt, teach me the history behind the ideas of national parks. Despite all of my research, however, I believe the best way to learn more about national parks is to actually go out and view them. Being able to see, in person, these amazing places, rather than just reading about them, helps me understand the significance of the parks. The closest national park from my home is Acadia National Park and it is eight hours away, making it difficult to visit these places. However, I still believe the trips are very worthwhile. In the summertime, my family and I try to visit

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