Persuasive Essay About The Syria Crisis

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Seventy-two years ago, in 1945, the world said goodbye to another world war, and welcomed the “world arena,” with its charter, beliefs and Member States with open arms. The foundation of the United Nations in 1945 changed the world. How so? Think about it: It has been seventy-two years since the world’s last world war, and this is thanks to the “world arena.” Yes, it is evident that today wars are still going on around the world, such as the current Syrian Civil War. It can be argued that war can be prevented; however, it cannot be erased from humanity’s history. Nevertheless, former President John F. Kennedy once said, “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind” (John F. Kennedy Quotes 1). This is true. For example, the current Syrian Civil War is currently considered the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. In fact, according to Mercy Corps, more than 11 million people have been killed or forced to flee Syria. In addition, necessities such as food and medical care are scarce, and according to the U.N., $4.6 billion is needed to assist Syria in this urgent time of need; however, only $1.7 billion has been received (“Quick facts: What you need to know about the Syria crisis 1”). Now, the key question is as follows: What type of world do we want to leave for future generations? Is it a world that promotes war? Or Is it a world that promotes peace, stability, and economic growth for all nations? As you read this reflection paper, keep these questions

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