Persuasive Essay Against Human Cloning

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Against Human Cloning Human cloning is a highly controversial and divisive topic, so most people either feel strongly for or against it. There are many common misconceptions about cloning, such as the idea that when someone is cloned, the clone appears exactly like the subject. This is not the case; cloning is done by replacing the nucleus of an unfertilized egg and then transferred to a woman’s uterus to be carried out like a normal pregnancy. The only thing that the original human being and the clone would share is DNA. The clone could grow up to be a completely different person as the original human being, simply inside a body that looks the same. Therefore, it is not as if cloning could be used to create an army of clones of a single person like Hitler. However, human cloning is still morally wrong for many reasons. Many people who are in favor of human cloning will argue that cloning would really benefit the clone, because the alternative for said clone is never existing at all. However, cloning will actually be harmful for the clone. We do not have the cloning process perfected, especially each time it is used on a species for the first time, and it would therefore do more harm than good. For example, Scottish scientists have been able to clone sheep, but the …show more content…

Because the cloning process is not perfected and in most cases leads to disabilities and deformities in the animal clones, cloning is physically harmful to the clone. Consider the Non-Identity Problem in this case: not existing at all is better than existing with a shortened lifespan and with disabilities. Essentially, bringing something into existence that only suffers is worse than not bringing it into existence at all. Living with a predisposition to fatal diseases such as cancer, a weaker immune system, or an almost guaranteed shorter lifespan sounds much more miserable than not living a life at

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