Persuasive Essay : Goodwill Best Place Ever

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Goodwill Best Place Ever

Have you ever visited a public or private non-profit agency that addresses community issues once in your life? As a matter of fact, we have a lot of choice, ranging from education, health, humanities to general human services. I had an opportunity to go to Goodwill in Seattle, which is one of an American nonprofit organization, so I can have a good chance to broaden my horizon regarding the meaning of Goodwill. I remember the first time I visited Goodwill in Seattle. I could see a huge area with a big blue banner “Goodwill” from far away. Going through the store, I saw a bunch of clothes for kids and adults, household appliances, electronics for the kitchen. In addition, I recognized that I could find anything at Goodwill, maybe it is not new, but it is good to use or recycle. Goodwill Industries International Inc., or we can call it by its shortened name Goodwill, is an American nonprofit organization that provides for approximately 10,349 people job training and support including 2,642 young adults at Reach Center – based on Goodwill facts. Moreover, Goodwill also hires veterans and individuals who lack of education, or experience, and those who against face employment challenges.
Besides, according to the Goodwill facts, Goodwill has fund raising which raised $1.7 million in charitable support, received a two-year grant from United Way Centers for Strong Families, and is a membership in the Corporate Alliance Program grew to 19 partners in year three of the program. Goodwill was founded in Boston by Edgar J. Helms who is a Methodist minister in 1902. When he asked for help getting food and clothes, Helm took a bag and went to Boston’s wealthy citizens. He asked for whatever clothing they could spare instead of asking for money. The Goodwill store was born when Helms hired people who were unemployable. They were willing to repair damaged items and sell the donated goods. His saying was “A hand up, not a hand out”. Helms opened Goodwill’s doors to anyone with the main purpose of finding people working with a willingness and became a pioneer of an organization that gave people hope, dignity and dependence by “providing them with the means to earn a paycheck and support
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