Persuasive Essay On 3 Year Vacation

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Everyone is familiar with this break. The long 3 month break that a student gets in school to relax, go on vacations, and to be as lazy as they want to be. This is known as Summer Vacation. But as good as Summer Vacation is, how would you like the opportunity to have more frequent breaks and improve school academics? This is all possible with switching our school calendars from an agricultural calendar to a balanced calendar. Schools should switch to a balanced school calendar because there is no longer a need for an agricultural calendar, and with less disruptions, it improves test scores significantly.
A balanced calendar is a year-round school calendar that can consists of 3 different school day plans. It is the same 180 days as a traditional agricultural calendar just divided up throughout the year. The 3 different school day plans are 45-15, 60-20, and 90-30. The most common is the 45-15 (45 days of going to school and then a 15 day break). With this schedule, you go to school for 45 days not including weekends, and then you get a 15 day vacation break. All of these schedules work out to still extend breaks over the holidays like Christmas, while maintaining school all year round. This schedule works for a variety of reasons. One big thing this schedule eliminates is the horrid “Brain Drain” that takes place during the summer. This will also eliminate kids who “Clock out” before summer vacation as well. Families can still plan vacations accordingly, and you will see a

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