Persuasive Essay On Advertising

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Turn on the television and we are told in ads of 30 seconds or less what is in and what is not, what new product to buy and what is, “so yesterday”. Do some online searching on your computer and you might be frustrated trying to find the x icon to get rid of the pesky ad on your screen. Ads— one may feel bombarded, but in the end they are a harmless necessity; advertising cannot be blamed for our problems, if anything they help us by giving us quick and concise information without taking our choice to choose as consumers.
Advertising has the power to gives us quick and concise information we need. For example, imagine you are on your way to the interview of your life with the company of your dreams and with a few minutes to spare you decide to quickly get one of those delicious food truck bacon wrapped hot dogs covered in ketchup and mustard. You eat each bite oh so carefully trying to spare your white shirt from the staining power of those delicious sauces, but at the last bite the inevitable happens, as you try to wipe away the evidence of your senselessness you actually make it worst. Luckily you carry the stain removal pen you so conveniently saw on a 30 second ad a year ago. From this scenario one could argue that that this 30 second advertisement would definitely would improve your life, and although that first week it aired it came on no short then 20 times it was definitely worth watching it over and over because it was handy when you needed it the most. One could

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