Persuasive Essay On Anti Smoking

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Anti-smoking campaigns came to life in the 1960s because the dangers of smoking became more relevant and were brought into the public eye. This ultimately created a large controversy among many American citizens. Actions that were brought forth by the government were largely beneficial, but have not even come close to completely annihilating smoking in the USA. The visual image seen on the first page of this document conveys the argument that smoking cigarettes, or any type of tobacco for that matter, will have a negative effect on a person’s future by decreasing their personal life expectancy. Although there is no clear location of where and when the image was produced, one might believe that it was found in a magazine. The purpose of this visual is that smoking will eventually kill a consistent consumer. The image is made by an anti-smoking advertisement who used a very dramatic format which will be able to impact people on a more emotional level. The development of the image is to scare and intimidate not only people who are starting to smoke but also existing smokers. Also, nonsmokers want the smokers they know to quit because they care about their well-being. This advertisement was also created for the clear purpose that the leaders of the community don’t want these products, that have been proven to be detrimental to citizens’ health, to be used.
The argument for the visual is upheld because it is arguing that smoking cigarettes will cause the shortening of the life

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