Persuasive Essay On Banning The Box

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Banning the box is important because, many criminals that come out of jail are unable to find jobs due to this box that former felons are required to check. This puts them on a path back toward prison. If we are able to ban this box, we will be able to help keep people out of jail and it our working economy. Pursuing a state law is the best strategy because Democrats, who dominate the California’s state legislative, are numerous in California and will surely be able to get a law passed in California. Additionally, there is a large amount of people affected by this law. Banning the box in California, which is the biggest state in the union, will be affecting 12% of Americans immediately. This a large amount of Americans. Also because California is such a big state with a great economy, we can lead by example. After other states are able to see that banning the box does not affect your economy negatively they will not have a reason to not ban the box. Also California has already passed a “Ban the Box” type law for their government jobs, so they shouldn’t have trouble passing a state law. Also as I mentioned previously, Democrats who heavily favor banning the box dominate California’s state legislative process, in the California state senate out of 40 people 27 of them are Democratic. We can Ban the Box with a state law. Some might argue that creating a state law is not the right strategy because a state law will not affect much because it is only a California state

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