Persuasive Essay On Bullying In Schools

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Seventeen-year-old, Sally Jensen does not have a great home-life. Her parents spend all their money on drugs, which makes they have very little to no money to spend on their needs. Therefore, she does not have good clothes or hygiene items. At school, she gets made fun of for the way she smells and looks. Then one day Sally’s had enough. At school, the principal announces her lost. Guilt weighing heavy on the bullies’ heart. Saying, “I did not know, she would die.”, “I was just kidding.”, or “I did not mean it.” It is funny how they did not mean it when suddenly they have blood on their hands. Bullying in schools has become an epidemic in today’s society. It is not just “joking.” Bullying over the years has become more fatal, and in some cases, has led to self-injure, depression, and suicide. Department of Education in TN, claim out of 5,478 cases 321 of them were due to race, color, and origin. Six- hundred ninety-five were sex and gender based discrimination, and 168 involved students with disabilities.
How are bullies created? Sugar, spice, and everything nice? More like jealousy, revenge, and everything mean. In my opinion people bully for various reasons. First, it makes the bully feel powerful. Secondly, to get noticed. Bullies normally have issues of their own, so they try to cover up their weakness. Third, problems at home, such as verbal and/or physical abuse. No matter the reasons of bullying, the victim still suffers. The result of being a victim of bullying is

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