Persuasive Essay On Bullying

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To further understand how Connecticut schools implement the anti-bullying statute posed by the state, I will present data from the town of Marlborough. The Marlborough School District is a single PreK-6 school in a rural town serving nearly 545 students. According to the CT State Department of Education (2017) website, Marlborough encountered six total bullying incidents in the past 4 years. The state does not specify how many of those incidents, if any, were considered cyberbullying. Marlborough has written a Safe School Climate Plan, as required by the state, with the purpose of providing a learning environment free from bullying, cyberbullying, and teen dating violence to provide a positive school climate. For the purpose of this analysis, I will focus on cyberbullying. According to Marlborough’s Safe School Climate Plan, the school has the right to intervene when bullying takes place (1) “on campus or a school sponsored event” (p. 29), or (2) “off campus if the incident poses a likelihood of substantial disruption to the educational process or the orderly day to day operations of the school” (p. 29). Their definition of bullying mirrors that of the state statute (Conn. Gen. Statute § 10-222d, 2011) and cyberbullying is further defined as, “any act of bullying through the use of the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, cellular mobile telephone or other mobile electronic devices or any electronic communications” (p. 2). The plan includes an example of

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