Upholding Confidentiality

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Counselor has an ethical standard to help promote a safe therapy environment, adhere to, and uphold the ethical standard of upholding confidentiality between what is said by the client. B.1.c. Respect for Confidentiality reads Counselors protect the confidential information of prospective and current clients. The counselor should inform the client of the limits of confidentiality and of any times when it may be breached. Parents/guardians are to be notified when there is a clear and imminent danger to the student or others. Counselors should always have the best interest of their client. The student should have a choice in how and to whom the breach of confidentiality will be made so it would be important to include the student in how they…show more content…
Bullying has become much more than a student or a school issue it has transpired over to the community and society issue as well. School bullying has apparently, always been a part of violence in schools. Although this is an old form of school violence, it has just begun to be looked at systematically as a problem in the United States in the over the past two decades. School bullying is often times underrated yet widespread and is frequently dismissed, denied, tolerated and ignored. A great deal about the bullying phenomenon has been learned in the past two decades however much is still unknown about this complex dynamic and previous research paves the way for future directions in bullying research. Where do educators and researchers need to go from here? It clear that researchers need to address serious definitional and methodological issues in order to better assess bullying (Espelage, & Swearer…show more content…
Bullying is prohibited on school grounds, on school buses and at bus stops, at school-related functions and activities, and on school computers. The law required that every school district incorporate into its code of conduct. Each school may not adopt the exact same procedures for dealing with bullying. Much of what we know about bullying in schools comes from two groups of research studies”(Legault, 2012). The first is researching teacher’s views about the nature and incidence of bullying in schools, and direct inquiries with children and adolescence about the levels of bullying and other antisocial behavior present at school. Bullying behaviors begin at an early age. Pre-school teachers report that bullying characteristics are evident in some two and three year olds (Fried and Fried 1996). These early patterns of behavior tend to remain constant and escalate rather than recede, as the child gets older. This movie could be a valuable tool in getting teens to understand how bullying affects all involved and discuss the importance of seeking help through counseling. The focus is typically, on the victims of bullying however, there is also a need as well to focus on the bullies. Keeping track of incidents in schools, communities and parents would be effective when deciding to involve the
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