Persuasive Essay On Civil Disobedience

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The theme isn't just civil disobedience. The theme is about rights, laws, freedom, and segregation. All those things go into civil disobedience but be able to look at them separately before putting them together. This report includes “On Nonviolent Resistance” by Mohandas Gandhi, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the poem “Civil Disobedience” by Eric Cockrell. Just because the phrase “Civil Disobedience” looks wrong and violent, looks can be deceiving. Civil disobedience, a nonviolent way to protest, is the best method people could've been blessed with, but that's an opinion. Is segregation really a disease to the mind, body, and soul? Is civil disobedience a method that could be used to solve it? This paragraph is based off of “On Nonviolent Resistance” because people’s pride can be too much. “Pride makes a victorious nation bad-tempered.” This means that pride can make anybody bad tempered, not just a nation, but individually. Even if somebody’s thinking was wrong, (racism, bigotism, etc...) their pride would be too big to allow themselves to believe they were wrong. “You are our Sovereign, our Government, only so long as we consider ourselves your subjects. When we are not subjects, you are not sovereign either” and understand this also “Shower what sufferings you like upon us; we will calmly endure all and not hurt a hair on your body”. This means that if people refuse to follow under their rule and

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