Persuasive Essay On Data Mining

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Data mining and analysis has become a crucial part of modern business strategy, as many companies use such tactics to maximize their success. In fact, the most successful companies such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart, etc., thrive on analyzing customers’ purchasing behavior in order to deliver more targeted marketing. Data mining is the practice of analyzing data, such as purchasing behavior, customer demographic, customer needs and wants, transaction history, and banking habits in order to find patterns that are useful to business strategies and company success. As customers started to become aware that companies were analyzing their information, questions about the morality of data mining arose. Should companies be able to data mine and analyze personal information to increase their success? Should this right to data mine extend to the government as well? Essentially, this is a question that roots back to the never-ending controversy of the right to privacy. In simpler terms, it is a question that explores whether companies and the government should be able gather, store, and analyze personal, and sometimes private information. I believe companies should be able to use data mining because it helps companies become more successful and benefits customers, but this right should not be extended to the government as it intrudes upon the right to privacy. Data mining is a very useful business strategy that allows companies to improve their business model and overall
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