Persuasive Essay On Eating Meat

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Mission impossible? Feeding a population of over 7 billion.

In an effort to feed a population of over 7 billion, people in developed countries should reduce the amount of meat they consume.
Is there enough meat for everyone? Does anyone need to give up the meat? Does meat do something essential for our body? Human rights? freedom over fairness?
Let’s see what the solutions and answers are. For more than two million years we were primarily meat eaters. Basically, meat gives you nutritious and good health. Also, there are some people who need to consume meat for caring their body changes, for instance, there are some scientific results of people stop consuming meat. You may lose a few pounds, you may protect yourself from heart disease, you may lose your taste. And not just for red meat, your muscles may need more time to recover, and you may need to supplement. But not a lot. There are several reasons why do we need meat and what does the meat do to your body such as Stable Blood Sugar, so meat helps keep blood sugar levels stable, Muscle Growth, Neurotransmitter Health, Long-Lasting Energy and Essential Nutrients. Back to the mainstream, discussing varieties of opinion, on one hand, meat is a staple in many diets and is a great source of protein and important nutrients. On the other hand, some people believe eating meat is unhealthy, unethical and unnecessary. Meat is a great source of high-quality proteins that help children fully develop mentally and physically. “Part
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