Persuasive Essay On Endangered Animals

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This world is a place for all living beings, which definitely includes animals. There are usually a maximum of five species that become extinct in one year because of a natural disaster. But now there are many species dying, each day. Endangered animals are animals that are seriously at the risk of extinction. In a few years, they will become extinct and leave the Earth. That is why they are at risk. Let’s get to know more about how these animals are becoming endangered, and also about the main factor of animal extinction. And most of all, how to help.
When people think of what causes animals to become endangered, some people say, ”It is natural. It is not anybody’s fault.” Others say,” We have to help the animals recover. We can try to make Earth a better place for them.” Well, studies show that 99% animal extinction is caused by humans. Humans cause more environmental damage and animal extinction than any other being.”When an animal species is considered endangered, it means that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has evaluated it as nearly extinct, which means that a significant portion of its range has already died off” (Bove 2017). Many animals are endangered, many species and many categories of animals (Amphibians, birds, fishes,etc.) Did you know that ⅓ population of the amphibians are at risk? These amphibians are dying because of ultraviolet light exposure, climate change water and air pollution. 12% of the birds are threatened. That is, 192

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