Persuasive Essay On Fast Food

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Big bright signs can catch anyone’s attention. The M, for McDonalds, is everywhere just like all the other fast food restaurant’s signs. Almost everyone eats fast food for different reasons. Of course, we all know that the food that they sell is nowhere near being the healthiest things we can eat, and still everyone chooses to keep buying it. The proof is out there, the media will once in a while remind us about the harm that fast food can do to us, but what makes us go back? Do people truly understand the harm that it could do to them and their families? It is too common that we hear from family members and friends that someone is sick because they have been unhealthy. People can get from heart disease and strokes to breast cancer from eating fast foods. Diabetes is very common these days. Statistics state that “Diabetes is the 6th highest cause of death in America”. Things shouldn’t be like this. People shouldn’t have to die simply because they were unhealthy. We can’t have people’s lives cut short at a young age. I think the worst part is that there a more cases now where little kids and babies are born and develop these sicknesses at a very young age. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is the one that is found in children and teenagers. Type 1 diabetes is when the body doesn’t function the way it should because it doesn’t produce insulin. Insulin is known to be a hormone that everyone needs to turn sugar, starches, and food into

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