Persuasive Essay On Good Nutrition

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Throughout the United States it may be normal to eat fast food and junk foods all the time because it is something we see as normal, however, this is far from it. In the US 32.2% of men are overweight and 35.5% of women are heavier than they should be. Now in 2017, many have made it a goal for them to work out more often, eat healthier, and maintain a better health. When people hear the word ‘diet’, they think of starving yourself and eating salad all the time. However, a diet is just the food consumed by an organism. Many people use healthier diets to help reach their goals.The way you eat now, will affect the way you feel ten minutes from now and for the rest of your life.
Having good nutrition can improve many aspects of your life, especially your brain health. Consuming foods with a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids are important because they transmit signals from your eyes to your brain. These vitamins also enhance your mood and lower the risk of depression. An article published in 2006, said that if you have a diet consisting of a lot of saturated fats, it is likely to decrease your ability to learn and memorize things, while diets increased with omega 3s, help brain function. Eating well for your brain, also boosts your brain's alertness. Your brain needs a dependable supply of sugar to stay focused and alert in order to accomplish the task. If you have an iron deficiency, it reduces the amount of oxygen being brought to your brain, which can cause fatigue and faulty mental

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