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Gym Class Not Worthy of a Grade

18% of high school kids are obese and this figure continues to grow. How are they ever going to earn a satisfactory GPA, if they can't participate in gym? Most gym classes grade people on the amount of pushups or sit-ups they can do. If someone misses school for a couple of weeks, they are required to run 8 laps each day just to make up for their absence. This is ridiculous and very unfair for many students. For these reasons, phy ed grades should not affect a high school student’s GPA. To begin, although gym helps many careless students excel and receive A’s, GPAs should not be based on physical fitness. To earn good grades, students should be driven to study and do homework. The problem with phy ed is there’s rarely ever any homework or tests. In addition, grades in …show more content…

Therefore, they need to do more homework and tests than all the other students. Handicapped people can’t engage with everyone else in phy ed, so they can get bored and may not enjoy it. Some gym teachers make the disabled do laps around the track, while everyone else is having fun playing a team sport. Thus, Phy Ed class should be graded on only how hard a person tries, so it allows every person a chance of achieving an A. Gym teachers should not grade kids on their physical fitness at all. Last, phy ed should just be a pass or fail class. Many colleges don't look at the high school gym grade, so why have it count towards GPA? Grades in every other class are about how well a student studies and understands a subject, except for gym class. Since there are rarely tests or quizzes, it should not be graded at all. Gym class may help with childhood obesity, but should be a class where students have the choice to do whatever they feel like, in terms of physical activity. If gym was this type of class, it may encourage students to be more active, which ultimately should be the

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