Should Students Grades in Gym Class Effect Their Gpa

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Should Students’ Grades in Gym Class Affect Their GPA?
I personally do not agree with grades in gym classes affecting students’ grade point averages. I believe that gym class should be strictly for fun. There are many students who are not very athletic. Many females do not enjoy playing sports or running a mile. I do not think it is fair that schools make their students run a full mile, time them on it, and grade them on their times. Certain students are not great runners and the fact that they can fail because they did not finish running a mile in the “right” amount of time is horrible. There is no right amount of time to run a mile. Everybody is different and no two people can run a mile in the same number of seconds. So why are …show more content…

Some kids have side effects on the lack of their skill like height, weight, mental disability, etc. When you are applying for the college or job you have wanted, they’re looking at your past grades. Some colleges/jobs are strict and they are not going to take you if you don’t have a perfect GPA. Well, that requires a perfect grade in your PE classes too!
This can be a big effect on your future careers. You could have been the smartest person in

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