Should Gym Classes Affect The Grades Grade Point Average?

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Name: Jay Upadhyay
Date: 10/19/2015

Title: Should student’s grade in gym affects his overall grade point average?
Purpose: To convince the audience that, a grade of gym should not be counted, as it might affect the overall grade for the majority of students.

A. Attention Graber: How many of you are interested in gym class? And if you are then, should gym class should be included in GPA for grading?
B. Thesis: Grade of gym class should not be counted in overall grade point average for students.
C. Qualification: There was a physical training class which is similar to gym class, when I was in high school. I could not able to perform some exercises and, for that matter, my instructors always sarcastic to me to try harder. Also, he deducts points in some exercises that I unable to perform. This is one of the reasons why I urge to exclude grade point average of the gym class to count in grade point average.

Transition Sentence: Firstly, I will talk about in terms of mental and physical ability.
A Reason 1: Mental and physical should not be compared, which is one of the factors that affects the overall GPA of students. a: If a student has better skills, for instance, in Mathematics than there are lots of opportunities like math contests and quizzes worldwide to take part, by which students learn problem solving skills. And as far as the physical strength is concerned, gym doesn 't genuinely do anything other than fun. b: Applicable for the

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