Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Two ads both featuring the topic of gun control in America. One ad clearly calls for gun control, while the other advocated for the autonomy of gun users. Both of the ads appeal to one’s emotions as well as comes from credible sources, as both are organizations. Only one of the ads features logic, however the logic is overshadowed by purposeful manipulation of the information used. While the second ad may not contain logical information, in the end this ad is more effective.
The first ad shows an image of two young children around 8-10 years old. The children sit side-by-side inside a darkened school library, holding different objects. The child on the left is holding a copy of the book Little Red Riding Hood, the other a large assault rifle. Above, written in small font, reads “One of these is banned in america. Guess which one.” This ad created by the Moms Take Action organization sets out to raise awareness of the gun problem within the United States and calls upon people, mothers in particular, to speak out for gun control.
In contrast to the first ad, the second ad takes place outside in a warm, sunny environment. Along with that, rather than an image of two children, instead an adult woman stands, brandishing a handgun. She stands in profile to the left, silhouetted by the sun behind her, the gun outstretched from her body as she takes aim. Rather than a small text, the text on the second ad is large with a bold font. The words are layered above the woman and consume

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