Should Gun Control Be Stricter?

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Americans have argued over whether or not we should have gun control for a multitude of years. Some believe it should be stricter than it is now, while others believe it should be less strict than it is currently. There’s even those whom want to completely get rid of gun control, and those whom otherwise want to completely want to get rid of guns. To me the answer is crystal clear. Creating more gun laws does nothing but restrict the citizens whom abide by the law from having guns, not the people whom are actually looking to do harm with them. Paul Waldman states “The question isn’t whether we could snap our fingers and make every gun disappear. It’s whether we can make it harder for criminals to get guns, and harder for an unbalanced person with murderous intent to kill so many people.” It’s true that we can make it harder for a murderer to get their hands on a gun, but what about other things they could use such as knives, fire, rope, a bat, their hands, drugs, objects lying around, and nifty little things that they create themselves at home? If someone is actually looking to kill, and are very intent to do so, they will find a way. If they’re not intent on it, and it just comes as a random burst of outrage or drunkenness, they can still use random objects lying around (or their hands).Even if we put a million laws on guns (as well as other things that seem like more obvious “killing tools” like kitchen knives and such) , like I said before, they could create
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