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Recently, NASA scientists have reported evidence that there are inhabitants residing on planet Mars. One of NASA’s probes returned high resolution images just before communication had been severed. The photos leaked from NASA reveals the nasty truth of why humans have not attempted to travel to Mars. These photos display how extraterrestrials are using abducted humans for their experiments. It is unpleasant to the eyes seeing our own people locked up in human farms similar to the one we call as the slaughterhouse.
Just by looking through a telescope, the first thing we notice is the red dust that covers Mars’ atmosphere. A probe from NASA came back with samples of the red dust. After several analysis, NASA scientists have concluded that the
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All of the women locked in cages were stripped from their clothes. Every day, the extraterrestrials would come by each cage to test the fertility of each woman. If a woman was deemed fertile, the extraterrestrials with huge craniums would take her to the next site where they would inject foreign DNA into her body. Next thing you would notice is that the women that came out of the operations acted mindless. Before preparing their trip back to Earth, the extraterrestrials rehabilitated the women back to normal conditions and put them to sleep as if nothing had happened. Cindy was one of the few women who also got experimented on. Police reports indicated that many frightened women were left out on the streets with no clue of what happened to them. Some would not even say a single word. Without a doubt, these extraterrestrials brainwashed their victims.
Our team had tracked down where Cindy was, and it appears that she had forgotten her identity. We took her to a lab and x-rayed her body to see what was injected in her. It appears that there was an embryo developing within her uterus at an increasing rate. At this rate, the embryo could develop into an adult in a day or two. Without hesitation, we took out the embryo from Cindy before it outgrows her body, which could possibly kill
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