Persuasive Essay On Oceans

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The oceans are being depleted of their resources. Over 90 percent of the world’s big fish such as tuna or sharks for shark fin soup, have been either fished to extinction or they are so endangered that they are now illegal to fish for. Over 70 percent of the world is water. Yet only .8 percent of the entirety of the ocean is protected. Issues on land have also prevailed on land. The United states has put forth a system of National Parks to protect natural ecosystems, like yellowstone. Dr. Sylvia asks why the oceans do not have their own Parks. In the ocean there are millions of species. (that we know of) When we look at how much of the world is ocean and how little we have explored the oceans, it's saddening. Take the Mariana Trench for example. Only two people have ever been to the bottom even tho it is only seven miles to the bottom. Dr. Sylvia campaigns for more spending to be put into preserving the oceans and exploration. Not only for the benefit of the oceans but for us too. The Oceans are responsible for creating a large portion of the air we breathe, absorbing nitrogen, and is a major part of the carbon cycle. If we were to continue on the path that society has led us then in a number of years our planet would look much like Mars does, ie. no blue means no green. Without the ocean all of life on Earth would cease to exist. Dr. Sylvia in partnership with Google Earth. She says that they have made an amazing database for the land but what about the ocean? For the year

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