Persuasive Essay On Online Bullying

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In today’s progressive world, I believe it is better to consider online bullying in an immersed online ethnographic research method, in order to fully understand how bullying is enacted in an online world. It’s also important to take this approach in order to understand what’s misunderstood about online bullying as a whole. Boyd (2010) states that if we are to know if online platforms act as a tool for teenagers to perpetuate violence in the “real world”, we must look at what they are doing online. Boyd finds that bullying does not dramatically go up or down when social media is introduced (Boyd 2015, 152). Digital spaces that are important in the lives of youth need to be understand both locally, and in global contexts. Mallan, Ashford and Singh’s (2010) article discusses “iscapes” as a way for todays youth to hang out or communicate. The authors seek to answer the question, “how do interactions across iscapes affect the identity work carried out by today’s youth.”( Mallan et al. 2010, 265).
Decheneaut et al. (2010) looks at an immersive ethnography in several online digital worlds. Bonilla and Rosa state boldly that by using social media as their platform, subscribers can demand public attention, and garner the attention from anthropologists by using “hashtags” (Bonilla et al. 2015, 5). Technology changes how bullying is acted out, furthermore we consider online ethnographic fieldwork in relationship to bullying as a real and viable part of anthropological studies.

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