Persuasive Essay On Privacy

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What does a person think of when they hear the word privacy? Is it the thought of the government not telling people everything that happens? How about the thought of keeping secrets to oneself that would be considered embarrassing if the truth ever got out. Privacy is a significant right that people have in the US and should have everywhere. People tend to claim that privacy is not an important issue for most people but it desperately needs to be an issue that everyone is involved in. If people are not aware of their rights to privacy then the government could slowly take away our rights to privacy without anyone noticing until it is too late to do something about it. As citizens it is important to know what privacy is, how the government treats private information, and what our rights are as people to privacy.
First, what is privacy? The basic definition of privacy claims that it is the state of being free from the attention or disturbance of other people. The constitutions states privacy as the right to personal autonomy, which is freedom from external control or influence. Leslie and John Francis’ book Privacy: What Everyone Needs to Know, illustrates the relationship that privacy and liberty have with each other. The book suggests that, “Even if privacy is not identified with liberty, privacy may be a very important means of protecting liberty”,(Francis, 10). This essentially means that even if privacy is not considered a civil liberty, it is still an important role in

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