Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Up until May of 2017, you could call me an addict, enthusiast, fanatic, fiend, follower, junkie, or even a devotee. My fixation: social media. This particular hobby is wildly popular among my peers; those older, those younger; and even my parents. I tasked myself with going cold turkey. I decided to quit this down right waste of time and try to discover what life is like when I stopped looking to my phone for comfort. This vice of mine presented itself in two forms: Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is the perfect place to go if you want a jab to your self-esteem. Everyone posts happy, smiling pictures to make their lives seem superior to yours. This is just an illusion you see, but I, like many others, fell for its illustrious lure. I would refresh and explore, always looking at something I desired, failing to realize the trance I was put under. If I was away from Instagram for an hour I would get seriously stressed out trying to catch up with everything I missed. There is just something about knowing as much as you can about the people around you that makes it hard to look away. Twitter, on the other hand, was more relaxed. It was full of funny videos, late night thoughts, and the fifty-a-day birthday posts. Those stupid birthday posts. Why it felt more important for someone to wish you well over social media rather than in person I will never know. This platform was less fake than Instagram, but how real is anything on the internet? This, of course, did not matter to me

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