Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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To some people, the American Dream is still provided by America, but to others the American Dream isn’t an opportunity given by America, so what’s the true answer? To start off, what is the American Dream? The American Dream is the accomplishment of getting a high education, stable well paying job, so that sooner or later you can be able to provide for yourself and children, without a problem, and provide for yourself after retirement. There are a lot of factors that go into what the American Dream is, but the main concern is if it is still provided by America. Although there are many other factors that can keep you away from achieving the American Dream, this opportunity is still given to those in America. There is so much commitment and dedication that goes into accomplishing this goal. With success comes failure, but when things go wrong, you have to work hard to make them right. In the essay “The Right to Fail” by William Zinsser, an opinion of what the American Dream is is stated. “ The American Dream is a dream of “getting ahead,” painted in strokes of gold wherever we look” (Zinsser 93). Although some may view the completion of the American Dream as a determinator of status, gaining the outcome benefits is crucial. Not only does it better your life, but it betters the life of others that will soon be in your life, such as your children. In order to obtain this achievement, risks need to be taken and processed so that you can succeed. “Today’s younger generation seem

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