Persuasive Essay On The Dropout

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Change. Good or bad, effective or null, there will always be change. While change has the potential to amazing things, it also has the ability to turn things for the worse. A reduction in the age requirement for a student to drop out, for example. A change such as this would have an incredible potential to worsen the situation. There are pros and cons to every decision, regardless of the kind it is. However, in this case, the cons greatly outweigh the pros, enough so that one should tread carefully when coming to a decision.
One of the many bad consequences that would occur should the dropout age be reduced is regret. Many students will drop out and realize how much of a mistake it was later in life, and feel that they should have let themselves be educated more. This is only a minor consequence, however, worth mentioning. It is also good to mention the effect it would have on our nation's overall education level. It's very possible that it would be greatly reduced. At age fourteen, the body and mind are still growing and adapting to the ever-changing world. The world in which we live today changes on a daily basis, and it is hard to become accustomed to it when your own body is doing the exact same thing. Many fourteen year olds don't even think about their future; it's likely they wouldn't think very deeply on the matter of whether or not they should drop out. A sixteen year old has had time to adjust to the world's constantly changing patterns, and has lived long enough

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