Persuasive Essay On Trophy Hunting

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In recent news, it was made known that the ban on importing lion and elephant trophies into the United States was lifted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. After hundreds of thousands of responses were directed at the Trump administration to stop the lift of the ban, President Trump put a hold on it in order for him to “review conservation facts.” This issue is completely controversial and while half of society believes that trophy hunting is beneficial to the conservation of certain species, the other half believes that this argument is invalid since it is completely contradictory. Although there are some benefits to trophy hunting, it is incredibly immoral and detrimental to the environment and there are better ways to implement those benefits rather than killing animals.
There is a reason for the elephants being protected under the Endangered Species Act; they are an endangered species! Elephants, lions, and tigers already face so many environmental problems that relate to their habitats so we should not add another threat to the list of them. If we were to allow them to be hunted we would be going against the laws that we put into effect for a reason in the first place. When animals are being hunted, the hunters look for the best looking ones and that can be even more harmful to the species than anything. Robert Knell, an evolutionary ecologist, says that these individuals “possess the high-quality genes a population of animals needs to adapt quickly to a changing

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